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Jeremy Bradley- Brande Roderick from The Celebrity Apprentice is joining us on the line right now. Hello, Brande.
Brande Roderick- Hi.
JB- How are you?
BR- I'm good. How are you doing, Jeremy?
JB- I'm good. Now, for the record, just for everybody listening - I talked about this before we went on the air - in honour of this interview, I'm doing it naked, just like Playboy.
BR- (gasps) Oh, so am I!
JB- (laughing)
BR- Oh my God! That's great.
JB- You know what? They wouldn't let me. I don't think anybody wants to see that.
BR- Oh, shoot.
JB- I know.
BR- I should put my clothes back on.
JB- No need, no need.
BR- (laughing)

JB- So, let's cut right to the chase: who's more annoying- Melissa Rivers or Joan Rivers?
BR- Mm… Mm… (laughing)
JB- (laughing)
BR- Mm, Mm, Mm… um, Melissa.
JB- OK. That's what everybody seems to be saying. But she means well. She's nice.
BR- I think she does. I think that she is nice. I think she genuinely is a nice person. I don't she realizes when she's talking at people and over people and, you know, all that kind of stuff.
JB- I've had a lot of e-mails from listeners saying they're a bad team because they always have each other's back. It's almost like Survivor that you want to break up those alliances. Did it seem like they were teaming up?
BR- Um… yes.
JB- Did it work for them though?
BR- I don't know, I don't know.
JB- Alright, let's recap the premise of the show for those who are wondering what we're talking about. A bunch of celebrities are competing in a bunch of challenges to raise money for charity. There's a guy's team, a girl's team. After each challenge, the losing team goes to the boardroom where there's a cat fight - hair pulling - and someone gets thrown out by Donald Trump. That's the gist of it, right?
BR- Yes.
JB- This year on the show, there's lots of challenges that the guys are crying foul over. They felt the women had the advantage in selling wedding dresses and making cupcakes and selling them. What's your take on that?
BR- Which is absolute baloney. It has nothing to do with the wedding dress. It has nothing to do with the cupcakes. It's about how many people you can call that will bring down big cheques. It was about who could bring down the $10,000 cheque for one cupcake. It's not about how good that cupcake tastes. And as far as the wedding dress goes, yeah, it's not about the wedding dress. I had a guy buy two wedding dresses at $9,000 each. He's not going to wear the wedding dresses. So, it's about who can raise the most money. It had nothing to do with the actual product we were selling. It's about how hard you're going to work to call the people to get down there and buy the stuff.
JB- You never know, he could be wearing the dresses.
BR- Well, this person was straight.
JB- (laughing) OK.
BR- You know, at home, maybe he is in the closet. (laughing) You never know, he could be wearing them.
JB- We've seen Dennis Rodman and Tom Green do it.
BR- Exactly, exactly.
Brande Roderick
From Playboy to Donald Trump's boardroom, Brande knows how to make it big in business.