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JB- Speaking of Dennis Rodman, was he really that scary? What did you think of all the drama on the men's team?
BR- I don't think he's scary at all. But, I've known him for 10 years and he's a friend of mine, so he's not scary to me. But, apparently he definitely has rubbed some people the wrong way and scared some people which is not good.
JB- So that's not necessarily his character in real life?
BR- No. It just gets a little out of control when he drinks, and that's when the other side comes out. And you're going to see a little more of that this week and what's going to happen with that.
JB- When it comes to the men's team and the drama, was it just that they were at each other's throats, was it that they were unorganized? What is the reason the women were winning all these challenges and the guys were suffering so bad?
BR- This year the women got along a lot better than the men did. With the men, there were just too many different personalities. I think they just all want to be in charge. There can only be one person in charge. The ones who aren't in charge don't want to listen to the one who is in charge. So it was kind of like…
JB- A clash of egos.
BR- Yeah, exactly.

JB- In real life, you're quite the businesswoman. People might not know that. You started a production company almost 10 years ago. And since then, you've also brought together "hung" people…
BR- Financially hung. Yeah.
JB- (laughing)
BR- FinanciallyHung.com is an online networking site, much like a MySpace, but we're kind of like the VIP version of MySpace because we have a lot of celebrities that are on our site. We throw parties, like at the Playboy Mansion, Vegas, all around the country, so we give people the opportunity to network online as well as offline. They go online, they meet someone online, they get to know 'em, do some business transactions or whatever and they get to meet them in a safe environment at one of our parties offline. So, it's a cool, cool thing to do.
JB- So, it's a forum for businesspeople?
BR- For business or it could be for personal reasons. It's totally up to however you want to use the site. People want to use it to network business-wise, and some people are just on there to meet some cool, like-minded people and to gain friends.
JB- We'll have to check it out. The address again is…
BR- FinanciallyHung.com
JB- Perfect.
JB- I know you are close with Hugh Hefner, and Donald Trump is quite the character. What similarities are there between the two?
BR- You know, the similarities are that they are both very intelligent. They both are very ambitious. They go after what they want. They're strong personalities like that. They're a little different in the fact that, I think, Hef is a little bit more of a sensitive guy - like has a little bit more of a sensitive side, a little softer. And, Donald is… he seems to have that strong side.
JB- Is he as intimidating as people think?
BR- I didn't think so. But, you know, I don't know. He's always really nice to me. (laughing)
JB- That always helps, I guess, hey?
BR- Maybe if I wasn't a girl, you know?
JB- Actually, that's another question then: do you think he takes it easier on females as opposed to his treatment of men?
BR- Well, so far what I've seen… actually, even last year there were a couple girls he was very stern with, so I guess it depends on the girl. If you're going to come off as an idiot and be rude and disruptive, I think he might be a little more mean to you, I guess.
JB- Do you hope he just slaps Melissa when he sends her home?
BR- (laughing)
JB- I'm kidding, I'm kidding!
BR- No, I don't want to see that. (laughing)
JB- No, no. That's just what he needs is bloodshed in the boardroom!
BR- Right, exactly. (laughing)
JB- The Celebrity Apprentice airs Sunday nights on NBC. Check your local listings. Brande Roderick, thanks so much for joining us.
BR- Thank you. And, you know, if you miss it Sunday nights, it's on Saturday nights, too.
JB- And there's special footage that's not seen on the Sunday night show, am I right?
BR- Yes.
JB- So, we'll be tuning in all weekend then.
BR- Yes, exactly. (laughing)
JB- Thanks for your time, Brande.
BR- Alright. Thank you so much, Jeremy. Have a great day.
JB- Thanks, you too.
Brande Roderick
From Playboy to Donald Trump's boardroom, Brande knows how to make it big in business.