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JB- We pretty much see you everywhere: Las Vegas casinos, you're on slot machines.
JF- (laughing) That's another thing I never really thought would happen, but I think it's quite appropriate that they're penny slots… which is pretty much my crowd.
JB- And, Wal-Mart the other day: greeting cards.
JF- Yeah, we've had a line of greeting cards. You know, I've been very lucky. When I got into this, I never thought of stand-up being like a springboard for TV or movies. I just love doing stand-up and making people laugh. All of this other stuff is kind of gravy and I never envisioned… I think, I just finished my twenty-eighth book - I never envisioned doing that or hosting Fifth Grader or having sitcoms. It's all part of being creative. If you walked around my office, there's like 12 different piles. I draw, I'm working on a book of short stories now, and I'm working on my third kids book. I probably had A.D.D. but I'm always kind of working on something and I'm really lucky, I guess, that a lot of it has worked for many years.

JB- On your website, you encourage visitors to share their stories and pictures and really open up. What's the weirdest submission you've ever had?
JF- (laughing) Boy, you know… there's something about me… like, nobody ever comes up to me in the grocery store and says, "Excuse me, Mr. Foxworthy," people are like, "Hey, Jeff, let me tell you what my sister did." I guess it's because I'm a comic, people tell me things they really shouldn't tell their therapist. The story on the first Blue Collar movie of the guy coming up and telling me the story of his brother-in-law getting his nipple bitten off by a beaver. I mean, you can't make something like that up - not in your wildest dreams - and people feel the need to share these things with me.
JB- Wow. So, what's the weirdest picture you've received?
JF- I have a ton of them. I just got one… and rednecks are pretty smart… I just got this one: a guy sent me a picture where they had taken the dryer - from the washer and dryer - they had taken the door off and rigged this thing somehow and they made themselves a homemade cotton candy maker. And, you're just looking at this thinking: all the time and money and effort that you put into this, wouldn't it have been easier to just go to the store and buy cotton candy maker? But no, they had converted their dryer because apparently there was a huge consumption of cotton candy in the house.
JB- And, you do eat that with your fingers, right?
JF- (laughing) You do. See, we've already come back to square one. Once you get the sticky sugar on your fingers you've gotta lick it off. I guess, yes, you're right, it is a redneck thing.
JB- But creative nonetheless.
JF- (laughing) Exactly.
JB- Always looking on the bright side of things.
JB- You do a lot of good work for kids. Tell me what the Make A Wish Foundation means to you.
JF- You know what, I've been so blessed. I've had such a great life doing something I love. I've been involved with Make A Wish for almost 20 years and Camp Sunshine - the camp for kids with cancer. And, to me, celebrity is always kind of silly, but one of the cool things about it is you can walk into a hospital room and go visit a kid and kind of make one of their bad days a little better for a little while. The cool thing about Make A Wish is that it's totally about giving. It's just about other people. And, to me, that is the key to having a rewarding life - where you can kind of take the spotlight off yourself and put it on other people and that's what they do. They just create really cool moments for the little people that deserve cool moments.

JB- You're making thousands and thousands of people's days better in your show. So, where in the next few weeks are you headed?
JF- Like you said, I'm coming to Winnipeg, I'm coming to Calgary - I'm doing a four-day run through Canada and then I think in Texas for two or three days and then we kind of go back and start… I've got to go back to L.A. 'cause we're doing a syndicated version - like a daily version - of Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? this fall, so I'll start working on that.
JB- We'll be watching for that. We'll also be sure to check out jefffoxworthy.com to channel our inner redneck. Jeff Foxworthy, thanks for giving us a call today.
JF- (laughing) You betcha. Take care.
Jeff Foxworthy
The self-proclaimed redneck called Top of The Charts to answer the webpoll question about finger licking.