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JB- Sometimes you teal up with the fellow sharks and invest with them on a person?
RH- It's a very interesting dynamic, Jeremy. Sometimes we'll team up because I need the expertise of the other guys, but more often than notů I mean, how many really good businesses are there out there? So, if I see a really great one and one of the other sharks wants in on it, I've got to evaluate that. Oftentimes I don't want them in the deal because there's less profit to go around, so we're going to compete for that deal. Sometimes that raises the price up. We had a guy come out on the show looking for $200,000 and he ended up getting a million-dollar offer. That happens sometimes when we compete with each other.

JB- In today's economy is there something you might shy away from getting involved with?
RH- You know, in today's economy it's just more about execution and value add. There's no specific business per se that I'd stay away from. I mean, I'm not a financial adviser kind of guy, so I'm not big into financial services. But, in general, the dynamics of any healthy good business are the same. I'll get involved in anything that I think can make money and there's great people involved with it.

JB- You do another version of this show (in Canada, called Dragons' Den), and you've invested some pretty big money into companies. Is there a spending limit for you or if you think it's worth it you'll invest no matter how much?
RH- There's a very specific spending limit in my investment. It's called my wife.
JB- (laughing)
RH- She doesn't let me spend more than a certain amount so she can go shopping. (laughing) No, there's absolutely no spending limit. It's our own money. Some people say that, "Well, how much money do you have to invest?" And I say I have from 10,000 to millions of dollars. It all depends on the quality of the investment.
JB- And it all depends on how she returns that text message when you run it by her.
RH- (laughing) That's right.
JB- Robert Herjavec -- or Jaws -- from ABC's Shark Tank. Be sure to check it out Sunday nights on ABC, right?
JB- Sounds good. Thanks for joining us today.
RH- Alright. Thanks, Jeremy.
JB- Happy fishing!
Robert Herjavec
Call him a Dragon or a Shark, Robert knows business. One of ABC's Sharks talks with JB about the new reality show.