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JB- You're taping a show for teenage girls that will be discussing a lot of important topics - pregnancy, drugs -- what do you have planned for that program? What kind of guests is it going to be? Is it going to be like a group discussion? What's happening on that show?
SW- It will be teenagers that are going to be guests on the show. But, the twist is the whole audience will be teenagers. And, I think speaking from experience, teenagers are very difficult to begin with and I think they're becoming even more difficult. I think with a lot of teenage pregnancies in this country now, drug use, some people might not be getting the education they need. A lot of the issues stem from young teenagers not getting proper guidance, not being mentored properly. It just leads into a lot of other problems like drug use, teenage runaways, pregnancies -- children raising children. I think it's important that kids are maturing and getting onto the right paths.

JB- I asked Jerry about this, and he wouldn't open up about it, but where can I get his country music CD?
SW- I think there's probably a thousand of them in our publicist's storage case so… (laughing) …they've been collecting dust for quite a few years, so if you want one, all you have to do is ask for one.
JB- He said it would ruin him and he wouldn't tell me where I could find one.
SW- (laughing)
JB- So I figured I'd ask the police officer and he could investigate with me.
SW- Yeah, I think I got a few laying around. They're probably propping up an uneven chair or two in my house.
JB- (laughing) How often do you listen to them?
SW- I don't listen to them. I think I heard it once about 12 years ago and I've never listened to it again.

JB- The Steve Wilkos Show airs in syndication. Check your local listings. Steve, thanks for joining us today. Congrats on your show.
SW- Thanks a lot for having me on.
JB- No problem. Take care.
SW- Bye, bye.
Steve Wilkos
From Springer security guard to talk show host, Steeeeeve talks with JB!