Billy Talent

Billy Talent previews the 2010 Juno Awards

Jim Cuddy

The Blue Rodeo frontman talks about the history of the group

April Wine

The legendary music group previews the 2010 Juno Awards

Adam Lambert

The American Idol runner-up checks in with Jeremy Bradley one year after his time on the show

Rita MacNeil

The Canadian songstress talks about her holiday memories… and being a rap star

Dolly Parton

The legendary singer surprises Jeremy Bradley on the radio

Village People

Stop, in the name of classic disco!
The “cop” talks with Jeremy Bradley… but not at the YMCA

Petula Clark

She didn’t go downtown, but the east side of the city when she appeared on air with Jeremy Bradley

Deborah Gibson – 2009

The ’80s pop sensation talks about her latest projects… and the so-called rivalry with Tiffany


The trio of brothers kicks off a concert tour and chats about their upcoming projects